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Door Alarm

Every home has a lock that protects it. But burglars know how to pick locks. They strive for easy access to windows and doors that they can break into switfly and quickly. That’s why Forward offers different varieties of door alarms for your home. Both magnetic and metal strips attach to your door frame to make your alarm seem incognito. If a burglar dares to attack your home, your secret door alarm will alert you wirelessly almost instantly. Forward representatives are also alerted. The police will be on their way before you even get back from the grocery store. Security you can trust. A door alarm you can depend on.

Affordable prices for the best alarms in the home security industry. Forward is proud to give your home a wireless makeover. This includes a hidden door alarm. It fits into virutally any door frame. If an intruder tries to break in, your door alarm wirelessly alerts you that someone is in your home who shouldn’t be there. Fast responses. Safe living.

Why a hidden door alarm is crucial for a safe home

Take your pick between a door alarm drilled into your door frame or one that will fit into your frame without any holes. They both work just as effective and it’s up to you to decide which one you think would look less apparent in your door frame. If an intruder opens your door or tampers with your door alarm, you are immediately alerted. Forward has a 13 second response time. So as soon as your door alarm is activated, it only takes 13 seconds for Forward to contact your home to figure out if you are there or if there is an intrusion. If you can’t contact the police, Forward will do it for you. You know you are safe when you have a Forward door alarm guarding all entries to your home.

Secure your entryway with hidden door alarms provided by Forward. A team of trained professionals will install these alarms for you to ensure the safety of the entrance to your home. Burglars don’t want to mess with a home that has a Forward sign in your front yard. They better watch out because your system includes hidden door alarms. Crime doesn’t rest, but neither does your door alarm. You can rest easy knowing that your home is protected. Secure homes. Smart living. Choose Forward to guarantee your home’s protection.

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