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Wireless Alarm

When you are caught in the morning rush, you might forget to close the garage. You might be already cruising down the highway before you remember you left the dog out of his kennel. Once you get to your destination, your brain might choose that time to remind you that your system is armed. It would be nice if our memories weren’t so scattered. Luckily, there is a wireless alarm that caters to forgetfulness. Forward Home Security is the way of the future. Because even after you are out of the house, you can still lock up your home. You can even make sure your pet is safe and sound. With Forward, you can also be sure that your pup won’t accidentally set off your alarms.

Some companies install alarms that are easily triggered. You might get tons of false alarms because your cat was caught on the motion detector. You might even have to pay high fines for these false alarms because your dog has set off the home alarm one too many times. Not with Forward. The latest technology in a Forward wireless alarm ensures that your home stays safe. It is also pet friendly so your puppy or kitten can roam free. You don’t have to worry about your pet triggering any of your alarms.

Why a wireless alarm is good for your home security and keeps your pets in mind

The newest and latest forms of technology are used when you choose a Forward wireless alarm. You can let your animals roam free inside your home even when your system is armed. You don’t have to worry about a false alarm because unlike other motion detectors, Forward uses sensors that take into account the different sizes and shapes of a pet as opposed to an intruder. This is particularly helpful for those housholds with smaller pets. Even if your pet is larger, Forward will still accomodate to your needs. As if a pet friendly system isn’t enough for you to choose Forward, you can control your entire home with the latest and greatest wireless alarm installed in your home. You can close the garage. You can lock the front door. You can even arm your system. You can do all of this miles away from your home. All you need is a smartphone, computer or tablet. Pet friendly and easily accessible. That’s Forward’s way of securing your home.

Keep your home safe with Forward. Ensure the safety of your pets with this innovative alarm system. You don’t have to worry about false alarms or, even worse, unwanted intruders. Forward has your back on all accounts. Secure your home, and pets, by moving forward with Forward.

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