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Wireless Door Alarm

Ever wondered if there was a way to lock your front door with the touch of a button? You might think it’s impossible to turn the thermostat up without doing it manually. It probably seems out of your reach to close the garage door while you are stuck late at work. Thanks to Forward Home Security, you can do all of this! Wireless features make it possible. A wireless door alarm. Wireless remote access. And many more features. Your world is wireless. Let Forward make your home wireless, too.

A wireless door alarm is just one of the many features you receive when you install Forward into your home. This alarm is strategically hidden from a criminal’s view. This means that if they break into your home, you are notified instantly. The crook won’t know how to turn off your alarm because, unlike other alarm companies, there are no tangled cables running around your home security system. Wireless and secure. That’s Forward’s promise to you as a homewowner.

Why a key fob helps you access your wireless door alarm and other features inside your home

When you choose Forward, you are choosing to live smarter and safer. Smart homes used to be a futuristic thing. The future is now. The future is Forward. When you install Forward, you are buying a variety of features to secure your home. A wireless door alarm that is connected to you at all times is just one of the many features you receive. Your key fob acts as remote access. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, but it does an excellent job of securing your home. You have two options: “stay” or “away” mode. “Stay” mode means that your doors and windows are armed, but your motion detectors are off. Whereas on the other hand, “away” mode shuts down your entire system. If there is a disaster situation, you can hold the “away” and “disarm” buttons for five seconds and this will send out a wireless alert signal to Forward’s alarm dispatch center. They can contact the police if you are in an emergency situation.

You know you are safe with Forward guarding your home. Rest easy while away from your safe haven. Relax while you are inside of it. Forwward has your protection as its number one priority. A wireless door alarm. Remote access. Quick response time. Forward has it all. Even if an emergency does decide to burden your home, you know you are taken care of by one of the nation’s fastest alarm company dispatch centers. Don’t be scared or worried about your home security. Prevent emergencies and take necessary precautions with Forward.

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