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Burglar Alarm

Crime can happen in a matter of seconds. Theft occurs in even the safest of neighborhoods. Fires and other natural disasters can start in an instant. Protect your home along with the people you love that are living inside of it. A burglar alarm with Forward is the safest protection from all kinds of disasters. Secure and wireless. It also comes at one low monthly fee. Forward offers a burglar alarm you can depend on.

As fast as crime happens, you need one of the quickest response times in the nation from your security company. Forward can give you just that. Forward is proud of its response time. A record time of 13 seconds is all it takes for Forward to contact you if your burglar alarm is triggered. When seconds are all you have, you can trust Forward to be there to protect you.

Why a burglar alarm wards off the bad guys from entering your home

Sometimes a Forward yard sign in front of your home is all it takes to keep the burglars away. But not always. Some burglars are brave enough to attack homes that have security. That’s where a Forward burglar alarm comes in handy. A siren immediately activates as soon as a bad guy decides to break into your home. Forward trained professionals are standing by 24/7 for this particular moment. In a matter of 13 seconds, Forward will contact your home to make sure everything is safe. If there is no answer, your security representative will immediately notify the police. If you are home and you can get to the phone, you have a security code that you and Forward have decided upon. You can give this code to the representative to tell him that everything is safe. If this code isn’t given, Forward will contact the police instantly. Forward prides itself on having one of the fastest response times in the nation. 13 seconds is all it takes for a representative to react to a triggered burglar alarm.

There are tons of tricks you can do to secure your home. But these aren’t enough to keep the bad guys away for good. You need the best burglar alarm from a top home security company. Choose Forward to guard your home with the best security. Quick response time in all emergencies ensures safe homes. Forward guarantees it. Don’t be left without protection covering your home. Use Forward to keep you and your family safe.

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