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  • Commonly Experienced HVAC Problems

    If you are like the millions of Americans still using traditional HVAC units, chances are you’ve experienced a myriad of problems with the unit over the years. While these units have been the norm for decades, they still retain many of the same problems that have always plagued the industry, as well as the consumers....

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  • Five Things To Know About Open Houses

    Open Houses are a great way to enhance the visibility of a seller’s home on the real estate market. They also allow more freedom to potential customers who don’t need to worry about meeting agents for appointments at prospective properties. Open Houses enable buyers to thoroughly explore a property without the...

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  • Nothing but the Kitchen Sink: A Quick Kitchen Update


    Your kitchen sink isn’t exactly mobile or easily disposable. You can’t pick it up and toss it in the trash or tuck it away in a cabinet for later. The good news is that when you’re sick and tired of the way your kitchen sink and faucet look and perform, you can replace them without

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  • Let Natural Light Brighten Your Home


    To many of us, saving money and being aware of our environmental impact are important. By being aware and making the most efficient use of the sunlight that comes into your home and rooms is instrumental in saving money and preserving energy and resources. Talk a walk around your home at different points during the

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  • Home Improvement: Top DIY Home Projects for 2013


    A lot of people seem to think that a home improvement project involves hiring out expensive contractors, but it doesn’t have to! There are plenty of home renovating projects like installing bathroom accessories, adding wallpaper or paper trim, and even renovating your kitchen, that you can do yourself! If you’re not...

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  • Shipping Containers for Secure On-Site Storage


    Storage units are big business these days. When most people think of storage their first thought is a large, remote property lined with garage doors, bright lights, and concrete.  While this is one popular option, another idea that’s growing in popularity is recycling, or repurposing, shipping containers to be used as...

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  • Home Improvement 101: How To Make Your Kitchen Appear Larger


    The kitchen is a great place for family and friends to come together, however if you live in an apartment or the city chances are that your kitchen is fairly small. Here are a few tips to help make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting for those family gatherings. Flooring Consider using a light

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  • Keeping Kids Safe in the Kitchen


    We all love our kitchens, and for most of us, they really are the heart of the home – a place to unwind, relax, eat and socialize. To keep a SMART and safe home, caution needs to be taken. In every kitchen there are infinite dangers, which are especially important if there are children in

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  • Tool Box Essentials: For all your DIY Home Improvement projects


    Whether you just bought a new home, or you’re maintaining your current one, having the proper tools to keep it well maintained and secure is important. With so many different power tools options available in the market, and it can be difficult to decide which ones really need to be in your toolbox. You don’t need...

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  • DIY: How to make a Shadowbox


    A fun and interesting way to spruce up any home is to include your own personality into the decorations. Shadow boxes make the perfect addition to your family room as this is the first place visitors will step foot in. Bedrooms, hallways, and dining rooms are also great places to display your family’s memories. Shadow...

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