In today’s economy budgets are tight and people are looking for ways to save their hard earned money. Taking your interior decorating project in to your own hands is one way to do just that. This may seem like an impossible task for many but fortunately, with a few simple tips, you can make your home appear in flawless fashion without breaking the bank. With so much information readily available on the internet, people are no longer depending on professionals to provide interior design services. Here we will provide tips and advice for anyone taking on this challenge.

DIY Home Decorating Tips

1. Don’t sacrifice form for function – When push comes to shove, you live in your home… keep this in mind when picking out decorations.

2. Paint the walls a color you love – If you like the design, chances are everyone else will too. Don’t overthink color too much, avoid looking at “designer” houses, go with what feels right.

3. Use rugs – Rugs are a phenomenal way to increase the overall feeling of space, comfort and warmth in a room. Rugs are extremely affordable online.

4. Build your interior layout around light – Walk into your home and find the brightest areas, these are the most comfortable. Place tables, chairs and sitting areas around the bright regions to dramatically increase the overall vibe.

5. Wall decorations make all the difference – But don’t go too extreme! A few modern pictures can do the trick. Consider browsing the $40 paintings from Ikea, they have a huge variety for a reasonable price.

Some Tips for Your Living Room

If your living room design has become boring and old, you can do a few simple things to make it new and exciting. Consider the furniture that you have. The first step is considering whether you want to replace it or move it around to shake things up a bit. Rearranging furniture can bring about such a difference. For example, if you have the room divided with furniture that you could move against the walls instead, you could end up freeing up much more space than you would expect. For one thing, it may feel confined or cluttered. Once you free up the space, you will be able to do so much more.

If you would like to change patterns or colors of the furniture, you could change the upholstery or make a nice new cover. For wooden furniture, you could paint it a color that will match the entire design of the room. Purchasing home decor such as hanging wicker baskets that hold flowers, more modern lighting, and picking new and interesting frames for family photos can add a truly customized twist to the room. These are simple fixes that make all the difference in the world.

Some Tips for Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be a lot of fun to design, but it is important to maintain function while designing your home. The first step is to make sure that all relevant appliances are already installed and/or plugged in. Once you have that done, you will be able to decide where to go from there. A decent paint job could make a huge difference. You could also add things like hanging lighting to add a classy and modern touch to the kitchen.

No matter your style, you could find decorations that make your kitchen truly your own! The home decor store provides lighting options and kitchen art work. There are even beautifully designed spice holders, cutlery organizers, and so on. Even changing the salt and pepper shakers can make an impact to how you feel about your kitchen.

General Tips

There are many ways to make changes throughout your entire home. Replacing knobs on dressers, acquiring furniture covers, and decorating the walls with beautiful hanging art are just a few of the things you can do. Take a stroll through the home decor store to see what they have to offer. You would be surprised at what they can provide for both inside of the home and outside of the home. For example, if you want to make a change to your landscape, you could purchase garden statues. You could also purchase hanging hooks to hang basket plants outside, making quite the addition to an already magnificent garden.

Take Home Points – Do it yourself!

DIY home design can go really smoothly when you go to a home decor store to find items that would be perfect for the finished product. Make your home look happy and bright with all of the tips that we have provided you! Most importantly, make your home your own.

Today’s guest post was provided by Alex L., blogger for Spa Cover Direct. Alex is an avid writer who enjoys sharing his views with others.