Just like anything around the house that needs repairs, garage doors require the occasional upkeep.   Of course, unlike typical household maintenance, garage doors can be lacking in forgiveness if they go neglected for too long.

Not the Kind that Eat Fish

A few things to consider if your garage door is getting a little older, are replacing seals.  Bad seals can let in a lot of outside air to the house, causing larger utility bills and it can also allow stray pets inside your garage.  First you need to know if your door that you are repairing is wood or aluminum.  This determines what type of seal and method you will need to repair the door.

U-shaped astragal is the replacement seal for aluminum doors and gasket is the name for a wooden door. Be sure to check if the kit for the wooden door comes with galvanized nails, if not, you will definitely want to get these.

To start the repair on the door, open it halfway and lock the door into position.  If working on an aluminum door, use a screwdriver to open up the end of the channel to remove the old seal, and scrape away the old seal on wooden doors.

For aluminum door repair, simply slide the U-shaped seal into the grooves, clipping the ends to keep it in place.  For wooden doors, keep wide angle  side on the inner edge, lining up and hammering  one nail to hold in place.  Continue until all is in place.

Rhymes with Binges, Just Not as Fun

Hinges can easily be replaced without looking to a garage door company, usually with a few simple tools.  The hinge may need replaced altogether if broken, but an aluminum lubricant will work for squeaky hinges.  Be sure, if replacing hinges, you match the size exact.

Putting Some Bounce Into Your Repairs

Repairing springs is another  thing you may have to repair at some point.  Depending on the type of door, this can either be a simple task you can do, or you may want to seek out a professional.

If repairing the spring system on your garage door, you will want to get some help.  The old springs can break and cause much danger, so be sure you thread safety cable through the center of coil springs. Torsion springs are also made specifically for your door, so be sure that all measurements are exact.  Measurements should be from coil to coil, excluding the stationary ends.  Measure the inside diameter of the coil.  Next determine the wire size by measuring the length of ten coils. Now, stand inside the garage, if the spring is mounted left side, the spring is right hand wound, and vice versa.  Getting this exact will  increase the life of the door, and help it to operate more smoothly.  When setting adjustments it is important also to follow the directions precisely.

While some repairs are simple do it yourself, garage doors can be heavy to manage and dangerous.  Always ask for help if you think the job might be too big for just you!

About the Author: Being a mom and working full time in Missouri as a medical coder doesn’t seem to quench Cindi’s desire to write.