Replacing a kitchen sink should be a relatively easy thing to do. However, this doesn’t prevent a great deal of people from encountering issues. Done well it can be a very quick and easy way to transform your kitchen, in the process giving it a new lease of life.

If you are thinking of replacing a tired stainless steel sink then this blog post is definitely for you. Here we will examine some of the main issues that can arise and perhaps more importantly just how then can be avoided.

Deeper Sink Issues

Very often one of the prime reasons for looking to change a sink is to go for a unit that is a little deeper. This can be a great way of maximising the available space for your prospective new sink unit.

The big issue here is likely to arise if the new sink sits much lower than the outgoing model. In this case it can lead to having to consider the re-installation of the waste pipe unit. This is something that most home owners will take on with advice from a professional plumber. Metal pipes that reside behind base cabinets can be a real drag to get to, even then they can also be hard to re cut to the correct size or height required.

Measure the Existing Hole

Another reason for changing the sink could be that you want to go for something a little bigger – a double kitchen sink being one popular option.

Caution is again the watchword here. Before buying your new sink it is a good idea to measure the old one. This is best achieved underneath the sink when taking a look at the existing hole. Good practice suggests taking the time to measure all four of the sides. This is important as sometimes the hole may not be quite square.

Guilty Contractors

Check the corners as these might well be cut at 90 degree angles instead of being rounded off. Contractors are often guilty of this as it makes for a quicker installation. The downside here is that your new stainless steel sink might not fit as flush as it perhaps should.

Take the measurements with you when you go shopping. Remember that you can go larger if you like but a smaller sink will lead to considerably more work as you will be forced to replace the worktop as well.

When shopping it is a good idea to give some thought to replacing the tap units. Choosing a new sink will probably mean that your existing kitchen mixer taps will look a little outdated. With this in mind it is probably a good idea to include an element of your budget that can be spent on these.

If you are shopping at a reputable agent for your new sink then they will probably be able to advise you on some matching kitchen mixer taps. This way it will look much better once they are fully installed.

Fit for Purpose

If you are not planning to replace the worktop you should make sure that it is still fit for purpose. By definition these are susceptible to water ingress and can easily be damaged. If this is the case then it is likely that there will be support issues for your new sink, especially if you opt for one of the larger double kitchen sinks.

You should expect to see signs of a little water leakage. This is quite normal given the area that the sink operates in. However check the particleboard underneath the laminate for signs of excess water. Excess swelling can start to occur in those situations, making housing the new sink unit a little more difficult.

Over the years, your author Nick Thorping has been involved in many kitchen renovation projects. When replacing the sink unit he always recommends that the kitchen mixer taps are changed too, this helps to give a nicer finish to the new kitchen.