You just boxed them up and put them away, but it’s time to pull them back out! Retrieve those Christmas lights and get creative with them. They have so many versatile uses all across your home, and are a favorite to your family and friends.

Photo Shoot Accessory

You’re taking your family photos or it’s your little one’s first photoshoot. Add a few strings of white lights in the background, or integrate a colorful strand into the setting for a fun effect. If you’re a photographer or you’re hiring one, change the depth of field to alter the look of the lights in the distance. Utilize a portable clothing rack and drape lights down it for a movable background. These lights make a beautiful effect for any family, children, or engagement photos. Indoor or outside!

Outdoor Lighting

If you have a garden full or trees, or a just a small patio, these lights can do wonders for your outdoor ambiance. For bold lighting, wrap the strands around the trunks of trees, columns, or rails. For ceilings and walls, drape strands across the ceiling of your patio, or run strands lengthwise down the walls. Make sure not to overdo it though, and stick with white lights.

If you have a garden, use lights to add a glow to your flower beds and bushes. Make sure that the lights are on a timer to save on your electricity.

Event Lighting

From birthday parties to outdoor barbecues to weddings, these lights are a creative and beautiful solution to evening lighting. Whether your event is at a weathered barn or your back deck, cover your space with lights to set a magical mood.


A new sheriff is in town for keeping the monsters away. Choose a colorful strand, or one with oversized bulbs for a unique nightlight. This soft glow will put your child to sleep, and provide enough light for your to unplug before you head off to bed. Think about adding a timer, for worry free turn off.

Bedroom Lighting

Another bedroom take on Christmas lights, hang strands in a creative way to create a soft and romantic feel to your room. Try draping lights from the ceiling, covering a section of the wall behind your bed, or hang them behind sheer curtains. The delicate lights and some added candles will make any room turn from a normal sleeping space to a place to spend relaxing time together.

Artistic Lighting

In other areas of your home, use these lights for art or to bring emphasis to your art work. Find or create a line design, tape it out on your wall, and adhere the lights to the wall for a glowing artwork. For sculptures, fountains, or hanging pieces add lights to turn on during the evening time.

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About the Author: Michelle is a blogger for Forward Home Security. She loves DIY projects, summertime, and keeping her family safe!