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Open Houses are a great way to enhance the visibility of a seller’s home on the real estate market. They also allow more freedom to potential customers who don’t need to worry about meeting agents for appointments at prospective properties. Open Houses enable buyers to thoroughly explore a property without the pressure of a sales agent. The presence of other buyers at the home provides an opportunity to listen to other unbiased perspectives of the property.

Seller Status

During an Open House, potential buyers are given a unique opportunity to gather information about the seller from the hosting agent, neighbors and other customers. Impending events such as seller relocation, looming foreclosure and motivation derived from the desire to close on another property can be useful facts for the buyer. The intensity of seller motivation can be a useful bargaining wedge for potential purchasers. The agent can also be pressed to see if any active offers are pending on the property and within what ranges the offers lie.

Observing Details

When a home is put on the market, sellers are coached by agents to make certain modifications to the property in order to make it more appealing to buyers. Knowing this, it is good to peek past the new curtains and bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table and really look at the home’s structurally integrity and environment. It’s okay to lift up the scatter rugs to check a floor’s condition. Note if a burning candle is strategically placed to hide an odor. Sometimes music is played to drown out outside commotion.

Crowd Capacity

Open Houses usually have a sign-in sheet. Approximately one half of all buyers engage in Open House visits and a full sheet is usually associated with a quickly selling property. Other buyers can also give a good idea of how a particular property sizes up to others for sale in the region. Often neighbors pop in at Open House events and are great resources to use by asking about the home’s area and its schools.

Feel the Home

More intricate details like closet size, storage space and issues such as water pressure can be observed during an Open House. The flow of the house can be discerned and the rooms can be sized up to determine whether or not they will suit the family’s belongings and activities. It’s also a good opportunity to observe the neighborhood’s traffic activity and assess the area’s amenities.

Agent Shopping

If a buyer is just starting to view real estate properties and doesn’t yet have an agent, an Open House is a good time to shop for one. The representative can be observed on the job, revealing their level of professionalism. An optimal buyer/agent relationship is essential for a smooth home buying experience.

An Open House is a great opportunity to discover a good, overall picture of a home’s structural amenities and neighborhood. The presence of real estate agents and other prospective buyers creates an environment that is conducive to solid information gathering on a particular piece of property.

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