Twenty first century society tends to be almost schizophrenic when it comes to interior design. Many people now want the strong lines and almost futuristic features of modern home conveniences, while others are more interested in retro design.

Nineteen sixties design clothing has never gone totally out of fashion. More recently there has been a growing interest in interior design, sixties style. Pop art colours, paisley and flowery cushion covers are enjoying a new lease of life in modern homes. If you are looking to design your own home in the retro style of the nineteen sixties then here are few ideas to get you started.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings such as rugs, carpets, cushion covers and curtains in bright colours and patterns will immediately give your living room a touch of sixties style. Cushions were really bright and may have had Parisian scenes or cuddly dogs in varying shades. If you prefer zig – zag or diamond pattern cushions in different shapes and sizes, these were also part of the sixties scene.

Boho style was also big in the sixties and can be seen in bean bags or floor cushions. Bright posters decorated many walls and these were usually abstract and brightly coloured. Pop art posters in plain black and white could be seen in many stylish homes.


Plastic furniture was popular in the nineteen sixties and items ranged from plastic covered chair seats to plastic bucket shaped chairs. Kitchen tables usually sported a Formica top and chairs had plastic seats, often in bright colours and patterns.

Dining room furniture was often made in the Scandinavian style; teak was popular for both tables and sideboards. The simple design and clean lines of the furniture contrasted with brightly coloured walls and curtains.

Furnishings were either brightly coloured or designed in stark black and white. The black and white theme also applied sometimes to soft furnishings, and certainly to clothing. If you want to design a sixties styled room the only rule is that virtually anything goes. Rooms with bare brick walls and almost stark furnishings were just as popular as rooms with brilliant flashes of colour.

Leather chaise longues were extremely popular in the nineteen sixties, but more likely to be found in the homes of the rich and famous as these were expensive.


Sixties rooms relied on a variety of lighting, from pendant lamps and ceiling spot lights to sleek and stylish table lamps. Geometric shaped table lights complimented patterned curtains and cushions. In the late nineteen sixties many modern living rooms sported a lava floor lamp. Floor lamps often had several branches and were made of black enamelled metal.


During the nineteen sixties many people painted their fridge in a bright colour. Cooking implements were often brightly coloured and cast iron casseroles were quite popular. Most kitchen floors consisted of brightly coloured linoleum.

Curtains were more popular than blinds when it came to window covering. Sixties design was an incredible mix of sleek and stark with comfort and colour, depending on individual choice.

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