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  • Are Replacement Windows Worth The Investment?

    If your home has wooden or metal famed windows which are starting to show their age it may be time to consider replacing them but it is a big decision because there will be significant expenditure involved. It is one of those projects that keep getting put off in favour of a holiday or a

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  • How To Get The Perfect Lawn This Summer

    If an Englishman’s home is his castle then the grounds aren’t complete without a perfect lawn. But more and more of us are concreting over our grass – off-road parking for multi-vehicle homes being one of the reasons – to the extent that wildlife experts are concerned and it’s thought to contribute to some of...

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  • Maximizing Your Space In An Apartment

    Having a cluttered apartment or house can easily cause stress and frustration. With all the chaos you’re sure to find yourself losing things and needlessly wasting money. If you’re like most of us, you can’t escape it, ‘clutter happens.’ The process to get organized can seem time consuming and overwhelming, so...

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  • Remodel Your Kitchen To Reflect Your Personality

    For many people the kitchen is seen as the heartbeat of the home. It is where the food that is enjoyed by friends, family and loved ones is prepared. It is also where people gather to chat and catch up on the day either as the meal is being put together or as bread is

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  • How To Prepare Your Pool For Summer

    Your pool has been sitting around since last fall. Summer is approaching quickly and you need to spruce up your pool for those hot summer months. You need to follow some key steps in order to ensure that your pool recovers from the brutal force of fall and winter in time for summer. The Start

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  • De-Clutter Your Garage

    If your garage is anything like mine, it contains everything but a car. Ours is full to bursting with kids’ bikes, half used pots of paint, bits and pieces of garden furniture, tools, and lots of other stuff which just seems to have accumulated there over the years. We’ve been meaning to de-clutter it for

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  • Home Decoration Suggestions For Your New Home

    Decorating your home can either be a tedious affair that you wish you did not have to go through. Alternatively, it could be a fun experience that can be enjoyed for weeks together. What really makes the difference is how much you know home decoration. What counts for home decoration? Is it something that is

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  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Find on Etsy


    Etsy has quickly become the hippest new place to buy homemade crafts, unique clothing, and custom jewelry at affordable prices. But did you know that you purchase custom invitations for your wedding or party? What about hand stamped name tags for your pets? Here are 10 things you didn’t know you could find on Etsy!...

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  • Vintage Style: A Touch of the 60’s


    Twenty first century society tends to be almost schizophrenic when it comes to interior design. Many people now want the strong lines and almost futuristic features of modern home conveniences, while others are more interested in retro design. Nineteen sixties design clothing has never gone totally out of fashion. More...

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  • DIY: Living Room Makeover


    A home is where you get the opportunity to show off your own personal style and create the environment where you will spend a great deal of time. Here are some ideas for creating a living room that best reflects you and your style. Choose your Perfect Color Scheme When decorating a living room there

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