Frequently Asked Questions


How do I obtain an alarm permit with my city?
You can visit your city website or Google your city’s alarm permit fee and instructions. is also a good website that tells you where to go, what to do, and how much your fee is depending on what city you live in.
Do you service people who rent apartments or houses?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide service at rental properties.
How many windows are covered?
Our new installation, non-pre-wired home base packages come with a motion detector that you can use for your window. Window contacts are not included, although they can be added on to your package.
Are your alarm systems wireless?
It depends what you’re looking for in a wireless system. There are several options:

1. Our DSC 1616 is a hybrid system, which means that it can work with wireless devices, such as door contacts, motion detectors, etc.

2. We also provide wireless alarm monitoring, which is available for an additional monthly fee.

3. Lastly, we have the SMART+ HOME® system that is provides total wireless freedom, e.g., wireless monitoring and wireless security devices.
What is your average response time?
Once the signals are received by the central monitoring station, it takes the dispatchers about 15 seconds to first contact you, rule out any false alarms, and then dispatch the proper emergency service. However, if you use a panic button to send out an emergency signal, then the police will be dispatched immediately without call verification.
Can I arm my alarm system from my phone?
You can arm your system remotely with any of our SMART+ HOME® systems. With our SMART+ HOME®, you have total control to interact with your home security from anywhere, including smart phones, phones with web browsers, tablets, or Internet-accessible computers.


Who do I call if I need technical support?
Central Security Group is our central monitoring station. Not only are they expertly trained dispatchers, but they can also provide technical support if you have any problems or questions. You can reach them at 888-642-4567.
Who do I call with billing questions?
Central Security Group can answer any of your billing questions at 888-642-4567.
Why didn’t I receive a call when I accidentally set my alarm system off?
Alarm monitoring centers know that accidents happen. 90% of emitted emergency signals are false alarms, and dispatchers try to minimize police response to these false alarms. If you entered in your code to disarm your alarm within 30 seconds, it will cancel the signal being sent to your alarm monitoring station.
What happens if I buy a new home within the 36-month agreement?
If you move after one year, your service can be transferred at no cost as long as your new home is still within our service area. If you move within the 1st year, charges will apply.
Where are your service areas?
Our service areas include Texas, Georgia, and major metropolitan areas in Kansas and Missouri. We would be happy to answer any of your questions about our service areas. Give us a call at 888-554-0640.
Who do I call to arrange for transfer of service?
For transfer of service, you can call our alarm monitoring center, Central Security Group, at 888-642-4567.
Who do I contact if I need to refer a customer?
Customer referrals are handled by our friendly sales representatives. Contact the sales department with customer referrals at 888-554-0640 and select option 1.
Who do I contact if I need to change emergency contact numbers?
Our alarm monitoring station, Central Security Group (CSG), has your emergency contact numbers on file. If you need to change your emergency contact information, call them at 888-642-4567.
How do I test my system?
You can test your system by contacting our central monitoring station, Central Security Group, and requesting to put your system on test mode. You can reach them at 888-642-4567.
Who do I call if I need yard signs or window decals?
You can contact our service department at 888-554-0640. Press option 2 for service.


Will my pet set off my motion detector?
It depends on how large your pet is. Our motion detectors are immune to pets that weigh up to 50 lbs. However, even small pets weighing less than 50 lbs. could set off the motion detectors if they are extremely active.
Do I have to have a phone line to be monitored?
Not at all! We also provide our customers with wireless alarm monitoring systems. If you are a new customer and would like more information or price quotes on our wireless systems, give us a call at 888-554-0640 and choose option 1. If you are a current customer looking to switch to one of our wireless systems, call 888-642-4567.