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Home Alarm Company

A home alarm company is nothing without an excellent monitoring dispatch station. This is where all of your wireless alerts are sent when something goes wrong in your home. If the fire alarm goes off, representatives are notified. If your home alarm is triggered, these professionals are the first to know. That is why Forward has one of the top rated dispatch centers in the nation. A quick response time and excellent customer service. That is how Forward makes your home security a priority. Simple. Safe. Secure. That is Forward’s promise to you.

At Forward’s monitoring dispatch center, you can be sure that every alert is taken seriously. Even if your spouse accidentally sets off your alarm, Forward will make sure you are safe. Within 13 seconds of an alarm trigger, this home alarm company will contact you to ensure your security. If your smoke alarm is triggered, you have 20 seconds to turn it off before Forward alerts the fire department. This is just enough time to wave the smoke away from your detector if you accidentally burned a pizza in your oven.

A home alarm company with a top rated monitoring dispatch station

When you choose this home alarm company to monitor your home, you will come up with a specific code words. If any of your home alarms go off, Forward will immediately contact you. You can either give the safe word or the danger word to your representative. This is particularly handy if a criminal is inside the house with you, or you are in immediate danger. This is also enough time for the fire department to get to your home quickly if necessary.

You can rest assured that you are in the safest hands with Forward home alarm company. These licensed professionals have your security as their top priority. You do not need to be stressed in any emergency, big or small. Let Forward take care of you and your family. Affordable. Wireless. Secure. You can trust this home alarm company with your home.

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