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Thousands of deaths are reported by families each year due to house fires.

FORWARD’s wireless smoke and heat alarms are an effective method of preventing fire-related death or injury. By detecting dangerous rises in heat using photoelectric technology and the best home automation system in the industry, FORWARD provides families and homes with higher levels of safety monitoring.

Our smoke alarms use optical detection, basically light sensors, to detect smoke. Light passes in front of the smoke alarm in a straight line, and in the presence of smoke, the light becomes diffracted, which activates the local alarm. The smoke alarm will wait twenty seconds before it also sends a wireless signal to your control panel, which will then send a signal to your central alarm monitoring station to dispatch fire emergency services. Twenty seconds gives you enough time to silence the alarm in the event that the smoke is from a blown out candle or a burnt Thanksgiving-Day turkey.

We also provide our customers with the best home automation systems that give maximum safety from house fires. With our SMART+ HOME®, not only are you protected with 24/7 fire monitoring, your home will defend your family. In the event of a fire, our smoke and heat alarm will sound, fire emergency services will be dispatched, your HVAC systems will shut off to prevent the spread of smoke, your lights will turn on to help guide you out, and your doors will automatically unlock so you can quickly and safely exit.

FORWARD keeps your home SMART+ HOME® in the event of a fire emergency. Learn more about how we keep you safe, call a FORWARD representative.

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