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Door Alarms

The main point of entry, all packages need hidden door contacts.

Door contacts are basically door alarms that use an electromagnetic circuit to form a complete, protective seal. To form this circuit, door contacts are made of two parts: a magnet and a metal strip. The magnet is placed on the door frame, and the metal strip can be placed on a wall next to the door. The circuit will be interrupted if someone opens the door, which will then send a signal to your security alarm system.

Our recessed door contacts are extremely flexible and made to fit into your door in a way that makes them completely inconspicuous and undetectable. The recessed door contact performs the same protective circuit by drilling a hole in your door and another in your door frame that are aligned to each other. Although snug in your door, these types of contacts are just as effective and sensitive as a normal door contact.

For our homeowners who feel a little hesitant about holes being drilled into their door but still want protection that’s concealable, we also provide thin door contacts. Slimmer than our normal contacts, they are still just as effective and work using the same method.

At FORWARD, we strive to provide a variety options as our security alarm systems cover all different types of families. Whatever your individual preferences, Forward professionals aim to keep you and your loved ones safe. Learn more about our different SMART+ HOME® products that are available to you, contact a friendly Forward representative today.

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