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Carbon Monoxide Detection

The Silent Killer

When it comes to home monitoring security, most homeowners know the importance of fire alarms in maintaining fire safety, but many don’t know about the dangers of carbon monoxide, and how a carbon monoxide detector could save you or your child’s life. Around 200 adults and children die every year from carbon monoxide poisoning, and many become extremely sick and are sent to the hospital. Knowing what carbon monoxide is, the dangers it presents, and ways to prevent this risk can and do help many families from avoiding life-threatening accidents.

What is carbon monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous gas. It is odorless and colorless, which makes its detection impossible without a proper detector. Known as the “Silent Killer,” CO can be produced by automobiles as well as heating systems, furnace, fireplace, gas stoves, etc. The most dangerous instances occur when these fuel-burning CO sources are malfunctioning or create a leak. In a confined space such as a car or a home, inhaling these fumes can be fatal.

To prevent CO fatalities, our customizable packages allow our families to include a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detector with whatever system package they choose or create. When CO is detected, an alarm will sound to alert you of the danger. Our 24/7 monitoring service will immediately contact you and the appropriate emergency services. Our SMART+ HOME® packages provide further safety by automatically closing your ventilation system upon detecting traces of CO. You will also receive a text or email notification, alerting you of the danger even if you’re out of the house or out of town.

Don’t let carbon monoxide catch you by surprise. Symptoms of CO poisoning include:

– Headache

– Nausea & Vomiting

– Shortness of Breath

– Dizziness, Disorientation

– Loss of Consciousness

– Death

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