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Home Monitoring System

Panic buttons are great for anyone in a sticky situation.

When Jodie Foster bought a house with a Panic Room, she probably didn’t know she would be better off with just a panic button. But when you’re in immediate danger in your home, getting to your phone can compromise your safety and so can getting to an exit. So how do you get help?

Our panic buttons were designed to emit an emergency signal from anywhere as long as you are within range of your home monitoring system. The compact size allows you to carry it with you in your pocket or your purse, or wear it around your neck or on your belt. The signal’s range is 350 feet, and if pressed for three seconds, a dispatcher will immediately send out the necessary emergency service, whether it is police, fire, or medical.

The independent elderly can feel safer knowing that they have a constant, immediate connection to emergency services if they fall, encounter a home intrusion, or are in any type of danger. Stay-at-home moms and dads can feel safer when their kids are at school and their spouse is at work. Even small kids can easily use a panic button in emergency situations.

The panic button includes other helpful features such as water resistance and an automatic emergency signal sent out if the panic button leaves a certain radius.

Young and old, technologically-savvy or not, panic buttons can be used for any homeowner wanting that extra reassurance of security. At Forward, we provide panic buttons with our each of our basic home monitoring systems. Learn how you can get a panic button for yourself or for your family members, call a Forward sales representative today!

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