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Wireless Home Protection

Manage your small appliances from your smart phone or browser

Forward Home Security uses Z-wave technology to help you manage your home under one easy-to-use system. Z-wave technology is the social networking tool for your lighting and miscellaneous appliances. From floor lamps, coffee-makers, HVAC, washing machine, TV, and more, our lamp modules use Z-wave technology to connect your gadgets and gizmos, providing you with total wireless home protection and total home control. Turn your house lights on while you’re working late at the office, start your washing machine while you’re out picking up your dry-cleaning, or turn down the air conditioner when you and your family are out of town on vacation.

How Does It Work?
The lamp module is compatible with all Z-wave devices, not just lamps. It is actually a plug that you connect to both an outlet and to your lamp or appliance. This converts normal, everyday devices into SMART+ HOME® machines that are controllable through Go!Control panel, web-enabled phone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

The module’s horizontal design allows you to plug into any wall outlet without blocking access to the second outlet. You can add on more modules to create different lighting ambiances, or integrate all of your appliances to create the ultimate SMART+ HOME® system. Call one of our customer service representatives to discuss all of your wireless home protection and home automation options today!

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