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Wireless Home Security Alarms

Free yourself from land-lines and go wireless.

For families looking for basic access to their wireless home security alarm system from different areas of the house, FORWARD provides wireless keypads. Wireless keypads are durable and a great accessory to our security systems and provide access to the most important features of the system. Whether you’re a dad who spends a lot of time fixing cars in your garage, or a mom wanting your kids to have access to emergency panic buttons in their individual rooms, wireless keypads ensure safety from every room in your home.

With this standard keypad you can:

– Arm your system in “stay” or “away” mode.
– Enter in your code and disarm your system.
– Access fire and emergency panic buttons
– Have up to 5 years of battery life.

FORWARD’s security systems allow you to feel safe when you’re at home and when you leave home. Call a FORWARD representative today for a free price quote and to experience the latest in wireless home security alarm technology.

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