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Crime can hit any neighborhood and weather is no respecter of persons, families or homes. When the skies darken, families need to know if there is cause for concern. When smoke drifts through the living room, will anyone notice before damage is done to the home or before the family is placed in danger? The rattle at the window–is it a branch or a burglar seeking access? A modern home security system is far more than the simple alarm of 50 years ago.

A home security system melds the concept of the alarm with a full-service package of protection. Today's systems may offer any number of protections for the home and family. Alarms protect windows and doors as do motion sensors. Those trying to break in find doing so not an easy task.

Fire alarms are loud and alert the residents and even neighbors of a fire. Smoke alarms also add protection. A home security system also sends alerts to a computer, laptop or smart phone. Owners will know as soon as a problem develops and are able to make decisions that may save lives and property. Alerts are also sent to the nearest fire station.

A build up of carbon monoxide can be deadly and many die when these levels are high. This is an odorless, colorless gas. A security system checks these levels and protects the family should a problem develop.

Automation is the basis of the contemporary home security system. The security system syncs with a smart phone or computer for total home security. In a fire situation, an automated system performs tasks the owner may be too befuddled to think to do, such as shutting down the ventilation systems, making it more difficult for smoke and fire to spread. Such a system will even turn on lights and unlock doors to allow the residents to safely leave and firefighters to enter.

Automated home security systems send alerts about dangerous weather situations, allowing the homeowner time to take proper steps to protect family, pets and property. Families with automated home security systems save electricity by having lights turned off when no one is in the room and saving on the cost of energy with automated temperature controls.

An old fashion burglar alarm is only one small element of today's home security systems. These systems not only monitor and protect, they also give the owners a sense of peace, ease and security for themselves, their families and their property.

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