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Pet Friendly Alarm Systems

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If your pet is a cherished family member who is allowed free reign of your home even when you can’t be there, you may want to consider installing one of our pet friendly alarm systems to protect all that is valuable to you.

Until recently, a pet owner desiring to safeguard his home with a traditional home security system faced quite a dilemma: confine his pet when the system was in use or risk an accidental false alarm when it interpreted a roaming animal as an intruder. Many concluded that security systems and pets simply did not mix, leaving their homes, valuables and families vulnerable to harm.

Today, there is a solution. Our pet friendly alarms allow you to protect your home and loved ones without compromising the comfort of your beloved pets.

Modern home security systems may use one or a combination of several technologies to foil home invaders, including vibration monitors attached to window frames, magnetic window and entry door sensors and infrared technology such as pyroelectric sensors and motion detectors.

Motion detectors are possibly the most common culprit in security system issues concerning pets. When the infrared beams emitted by the detectors strike an object that is not normally in their path, the system assumes that the security of the home has been breached and sounds the alarm. Unfortunately, many an intruder has turned out to be nothing more than the family cat or dog nonchalantly strolling across the living room floor.

Even when innocently caused by a pet, a false alarm is a serious matter which may divert resources from true emergencies and result in costly fines for a homeowner at fault.

Innovative pet friendly alarm systems are based on traditional security technology but are adapted to recognize that most pets are shorter, lighter and move about differently than the typical home invader. Most pet friendly motion detection systems will not be activated by animals measuring less than 30 inches tall or weighing under 85 pounds. If your pet is larger, your home can still be protected; a professional can suggest a combination of security components that will work for you.

Even the most dedicated pet owner will need to leave Fido or Muffy alone now and then. When you can’t be home, one of our pet friendly alarm systems can help protect all that you love, all of the time.

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