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Security alarms are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners everywhere. Homeowners who use them have the added security and peace of mind that locked doors alone cannot. As security alarms are becoming more popular, they are also becoming more affordable and more advanced with new technology.

Locked doors are not enough of a deterrent to potential burglars. Without a monitored alarm, hours or days can pass before anyone notices a home has been broken into. In contrast, a security alarm works before a crime is even committed. A sign in your front yard signaling your home is protected by an alarm system is proven to lower the chance of both you and your neighbor’s homes being burglarized.

In the event something unusual is detected, alarms use dispatchers to send help instantly. Dispatchers will attempt to contact you first, usually within seconds, to rule out any false alarms. In addition, panic buttons are available on alarm panels or on a convenient wireless remote. Panic buttons allow you to signal for help immediately whether you need help from police, medical or fire professionals.

Alarm sensors can detect motion and entry through doors, windows, and broken glass. Other system features include the ability to detect heat and smoke, to record video and to communicate severe weather alerts.

Security alarms utilize the latest technology to allow you to control your entire system wirelessly from your computer or smart phone. Other features include pet smart sensors that allow pets under 50 pounds to move about the home without setting off motion sensors. New appliance modules allow users to do simple tasks like turning off the lights from anywhere. Video camera monitoring, keyless entry and energy controls are other features that new technology has afforded today’s security alarms.

All of these features are available at an affordable price, making it more possible for you to have the added security and comfort only a security alarm can provide. In addition, many insurance companies offer a discount when a security alarm is installed and active in a home. Older systems can even be converted into new, wireless systems with advanced features.

Improved affordability and advanced technology have made security alarms even better at keeping you safe and secure whether you are at home or away. Call today to see how a security alarm can make a difference in your home security!

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