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Wireless Alarm

Detecting broken glass on windows and doors instantly.

This little gadget is actually a Glassbreak detector: a wireless alarm device that analyzes the patterns in sound to detect if an intruder breaks through your window. Our glass-break detectors are tamper-proof and come with a five-year lithium battery.

Just like a smoke detector, you can place our wireless glassbreak sensors on your ceiling or any wall adjacent to the window you’re trying to monitor. Protect the upstairs nursery window, or monitor the windows in your downstairs living room. The detector’s 360 degree sensing range provides greater coverage by monitoring multiple windows in any given room. This helps you safeguard one of the most vulnerable points of intrusion into your home.

Our glassbreak detectors are the latest in dual shatter recognition technology. This means that instead of your alarm going off every time you accidentally break a dish in the kitchen, the device must register two sounds in a specific order for its alarm to sound. It must first recognize a “thump” noise, and then it must be followed by the sound of broken glass. If only one of these noises are detected, or if the sound of breaking glass is registered before a “thump,” sound, then it will not go off. Single technology glassbreak devices, on the other hand, will sound at every broken kitchen plate, every “cheers” at your dining room table, and will even go off during lightning storms. Dual technology helps minimize false alarms and keeps you sane and safe.

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