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Wireless thermostat compatible with our home automation system.

Spending hundreds of dollars on high energy bills? Keep calm, and go green. Forward’s smart thermostat allows you to control your energy as well as your home energy. Set rules and commands for your heating and air conditioning systems to cut down on high energy costs. Control your temperature settings from across the world or just across the room.

The smart thermostat contains a backlit, LCD touch screen, making it simple and easy-to-use. You can even access and interact with your thermostat’s temperature settings through your web-enabled phone, smart phone, computer, or tablet to create a home optimized for energy-efficiency. Customize your settings so your home automatically knows when to conserve energy and when to adjust the temperature. Have your home turn down the AC when you’re at work and the kids are at school, or have it cool down as you make your way home through traffic. With automated and remotely-accessible settings, you’ll reduce your home’s energy output everyday.

Smart energy is good energy. Cut your energy bill in half; learn more about our energy-saving, wireless home automation systems. Talk to a Forward representative today!

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