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Wireless Surveillance

Motion detecting technology designed to sense heat and movement.

With FORWARD’s Passive Infrared Sensors, consider the mission still impossible.

Unlike other motion detectors that only sense movement when beams of light are disrupted, our motion sensors are designed to sense heat radiating from an object or body in motion, making it impossible for an intruder to go unnoticed when they enter the monitored area. Furthermore, our motion detectors are tamper-protected with a range of 30 feet deep and 50 feet wide. Pet friendly alarm settings for pets up to 55 lbs. will still give you the greatest scope of protection while ensuring your small pets don’t accidentally trigger the sensor and send out a false alarm.

Set up your motion sensor on your wall or ceiling, lying flat on the surface or hidden discreetly in the corner. Direct it facing the door or have it monitor the game room where you have all your expensive electronics. Three different mounting brackets give you the option to decide what looks best and where it will provide the security coverage.

Interested in learning about our other wireless surveillance products? FORWARD representatives can help you choose the right security package for your home today. Don’t wait for a burglar to find a way around your system, get better-protected with Forward’s advanced home security products today!

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