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Burglary and home theft is at an all time high in the United States. Though this is a very good reason to purchase and use home automation security, it is not the only reason. These systems do more than alert law enforcement at the moment of entry even though that was there original purpose. Each security system offers different features and pricing as well as different advantages. Though there are different systems, the basic and most common features are available with most companies. When looking into a home safety system it is important to know what the program does as well as the benefits of each feature.

Home automation security offers these advanced features and abilities, each holding their own advantage.

1.Smart Programming
This feature is when the system can sync to your smart phone or laptop giving you access to the system at all times whether home or away. This feature ensures you are always aware of what is going on in your home and when someone or something may be in danger.

2. Emergency Situations Resolved!
If a home is broken into this feature contacts the right law enforcement to see that the thief is caught and you loose a less amount of valuables. If your house catches fire it will also detect the smoke and contact the closest fire department heightening the chances of personal safety and less damage. The higher end programs that offer this feature will often also unlock doors and turn on lights to higher the chances of escape.

3.Clutter Crushing
Systems often offer one central control panel as to avoid having to run around trying to find which panel is connected with which features. This takes the hassle out of having such an intelligent system.

4. Helpful Weather Alerts
Because not everyone has time to watch the weather or may accidentally forget to, most alarm systems can let you know what the weather will be like and will also alert you when severe weather is heading your way. It is almost like having a personal meteorologist.

Home security protection has come a long way over the years. It can save your family from theft, fire, severe weather, hassles and most can even turn your lights out and lock your doors. Though many people do not get home automation security because of prices, it is hard to put a price on your families safety and well being.

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