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iPad Home Automation

Home Automation

It’s another one of those days. You are out the door and on the road with not a moment to spare. But as you arrive to work, you wonder if you remembered to lock the door – or maybe you forgot to turn off the toaster oven. The solution is here and you are invited to take part in the most innovative and exciting smart technology with iPad Home Automation from Forward Home Security. Controlling your home’s safety and security has never been easier – or more fun.

Forward Home Security is a full-service company that will customize your home into an efficient remote system with options to control your alarm systems and all of your smart appliances. A Smart Home uses iPad Home Automation to monitor doors and windows in a new way. You will receive a text alert that lets you know who is in your home and options to see them in real time with in-home cameras. Did you forget your appointment with the cable company? You can see them at your front door with cameras monitoring inside and outside of your home.

Sync your Home Automation device with your iPad to control your smart appliances. Life’s “to-do” list is long enough and you need never again worry about your home while away. This convenience is two-fold: light up your home for security, or turn off unused appliances while you’re away. From the palm of your hand, you can control your whole home wherever you are. Junior forgot to close the garage door? Husband left the air conditioning on “Arctic”? With an easy click from your device, the problem is corrected and your home is secure and efficient again. Forward Home Security will set up your home for your specific needs.

A smart home, is a safe home. In addition to the traditional security systems, where your home monitoring relays a distress call to the police or fire, your iPad and Home Automation system will shut your ventilation system to minimize the smoke dangers. Also, you will receive severe weather alerts directly to your mobile device to ensure that you can get your family to a safe location. Forward Home Security offers a customized approach to your home security needs with its automation system.

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