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Smartphone Home Security

Home Automation

Wireless technology now makes it possible for home and business owners to use their mobile phones to access their SMART+ HOME®. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry, you can download the Alarm.com app and interact with your mobile home security while you’re on-the-go. Want to know all the ways you can interact with your home using your phone?

Text alerts and email notifications will be sent to you to let you know:
– If the medicine cabinet is opened
– When your alarm system is disarmed
– If the front, back, or garage door is left open
– When your kids return from school
– If any of your settings are changed

You can also:
– Send a variety of commands to your home system
– Watch live, streaming video from each of your surveillance cameras
– Lock and unlock your doors
– Control your light and thermostat settings
– View your alarm system’s history as well as any recent activity, and more.

For further security, you can also download the geofences app to receive text reminders to arm your system if you leave your home and forget to do so. This geoservices app provides a great way to avoid false alarms, as many false signals sent out to emergency dispatchers are because the home or business owner forgot to set their alarm systems. You can also use this location-based technology to automatically turn off your lights, TV, radio, and adjust the thermostat when you leave your self-designated perimeter.

Keep yourself in the loop, stay connected with your mobile home security system. Instructions for downloading both apps for each different phone type can be found on alarm.com under the Mobile tab. Don’t have a smart phone? If your mobile device has a web browser, you can still access your home’s features by logging on to Alarm.com’s mobile-friendly website. Find out more about our SMART+ HOME® products and how your own phone can keep you and your family safer.

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