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Smart Thermostat

Home Automation

Homeowners who want to ensure the most comfortable living environment at the same time help to lower their energy consumption should explore investing in a smart thermostat. Also called a programmable thermostat, a smart thermostat offers high tech features that enable it to offer homeowners many additional benefits.

One of the most attractive features of installing a wireless smart thermostat is the ability to customize temperatures as often as four times a day for a total of seven days before reprogramming is necessary. This means that the home's heating and cooling system automatically adjusts to the most energy-saving settings at different parts of the day or night. This revolutionary type of thermostat is also the most accessible, even when the homeowner is not actually physically at home. Smart thermostats can be accessed using a smartphone or a computer. Homeowners love the fact that they can communicate with the device remotely whenever they have a schedule change and may be coming home early or arriving later than expected and want to change the programmed thermostat settings to better accommodate the changes in scheduling.

This style of high-tech thermostat enables a family to enjoy total control over every aspect of home comfort systems since heating and air conditioning, zoning systems and whole-house dehumidifiers can all be centrally controlled by communicating with and programming this device. By using a feature known as smart recovery startup, this type of thermostat realizes the most energy savings because it is able to automatically recognize the target temperature that proves to be most economical and energy efficient for a specific home environment.

Homeowners can view upcoming weather forecasts on large display screens built into this smart device to help with upcoming programming. Settings can usually be changed from anywhere in the household using remotes activated by radio-frequency in addition to changing settings on the thermostat itself with quick touchscreen efficiency. Some SMART+ HOME® systems include special software that allow a homeowner to track energy usage throughout different areas of the home in order to change settings as necessary to achieve optimum energy efficiency.

A smart thermostat can also be programmed to send the homeowner an e-mail or text message alerting him to such situations as power outages, low battery levels, filter changes and other maintenance issues, and problems requiring repair such as overheating and equipment freeze-ups. Smart thermostats are worth the investment to enjoy an energy-efficient automated way to totally control all of the home's comfort systems.

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