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Smart+ Tablets

Your Tablet Device – The Ultimate Remote Control.

As technology advances, our home security experts have found more ways for you to conveniently interact with your home security system while you’re on-the-go. Download our app to your tablet or go online to stay connected to your home security and your home appliances. Use your iPad or Kindle Fire to adjust the temperature in your house. Upload your video surveillance and watch it in real-time or see what your cameras have recorded at the end of the day.

– Arm and disarm your security system.
– View recent activity to your system.
– Close your garage door.
– Switch on your lights at night when you’re out of town.
– Turn off the AC when no one’s home.
– Create customized alerts so you’re notified about any specified activity in your home.

Manage your home wirelessly and monitor your home’s daily activities. Stay connected to your security and appliances with the touch of a button. You use your tablet for everything else; why not use it to control your home? To learn more about how we automate your home and keep you safe, contact a Forward service representative!

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