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Video Surveillance

SMART+ HOME® Cameras

Our 24/7 alarm monitored SMART+ Cameras give you complete control.

When you’re away from home, what worries you the most is not knowing what’s happening when you’re not there. Alarm monitoring will guard your home 24/7, but with Forward’s video surveillance you can keep watch over your home whenever, wherever. Forward’s SMART+ Cameras fit your busy lifestyle, allowing you to view what’s happening in your home as it happens, whether you’re watching the repairman  fix the sink while you’re at work, or whether you’re making sure your kids are playing together safely while you’re at the store buying groceries.

All of our SMART+ HOME® Plus packages come with Fixed Cameras, and Pan/Tilt Cameras can also be added to your system. With live and recorded viewing capabilities and high quality resolution, your cameras will also automatically set to record when motion is detected. With remote viewing features, you will know when your kids arrive home safely from school, or you can watch over the new babysitter.

Both of our cameras give homeowners the added comfort of always being in the know no matter where you are. Keep an eye on your home for all the things that aren’t emergencies, and for all the things that are. Speak with a FORWARD HOME SECURITY® expert today to learn more!

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