FORWARD HOME SECURITY® partners with Central Security Group (CSG) to provide 24/7 alarm monitoring for homes and families. CSG has a history of providing dependable, quick-response monitoring for more than 30 years.

Together, our commitment to nationwide standards of excellence allows us to provide top-rated alarm monitoring service for affordable prices.


Our dispatchers are extensively trained under the latest operational standards, ensuring that home emergency signals receive immediate attention. Our response time is among the fastest in the industry. Furthermore, our monitoring service is not outsourced to any foreign country, minimizing the risk of any disruptions in service and communication.

As soon as your emergency alarm signal is emitted, our dispatchers will call and verify your emergency, quickly sending out the proper medical, fire, or police services depending on the emergency. If the dispatchers call and no one answers, the police will be contacted as well as any emergency contacts provided by the homeowner.

Panic Button


All of FORWARD’s alarm systems come with panic buttons for police and medical emergencies. Residential security systems also have a standard panic button for fire emergencies. By holding down on the panic button for three consecutive seconds, a signal will be sent out by the alarm system. As with all emergency signals, the dispatcher will then notify the necessary emergency services


Statistics show that unmonitored homes suffer 65% more loss in a burglary than homes that have monitored alarms. Unmonitored alarm systems work on the assumption that the siren is enough to scare off a burglar. Monitored alarms, on the other hand, connect your home to emergency services, ensuring that the police will be dispatched immediately when your alarm signal triggers.

You can also save money on your Homeowners Insurance Policy by switching to a monitored alarm system. Most insurance companies provide discounts for their customers that invest in home alarm monitoring security. Save money and get better protected with FORWARD HOME SECURITY® and our most advanced and reliable home alarm monitoring systems.