Lifetime Warranty

For less money than your daily fix of caffeine.

Wouldn’t it be nice to never worry about repair costs for your home? Whether you need an HVAC repairman, an electrician, or a plumber, the charges add up. Here at FORWARD HOME SECURITY®, we believe that homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about unsightly expenses to maintain their home alarm systems. That’s why we now provide our customers with lifetime warranty for only $5 a month.

Our extended warranty service is available to all of our currently-monitored customers with accounts paid-up-to-date, and provides coverage free-of-charge for all general parts and labor required for repairing any malfunctions. Warranty coverage does not include battery replacement, key fob/remote replacement, service on alarm screens, outdoor equipment, closed circuit television, negligence, acts of God, fire, misuse, vandalism, bad electrical connection, and damage caused by renovation or remodeling.

Without an extended warranty, you could pay for service calls up to $89 plus the cost of parts. The FORWARD HOME SECURITY® lifetime warranty costs less than your daily fix of caffeine, and helps you prolong the life of your security system as well as avoid unnecessary expenses.

Protect your home and your wallet today. To learn more about our systems or our extended life-time warranty, call one of our knowledgeable sales representatives today.