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SMART+ HOME® is a wireless system designed to automate your home, making it accessible to you anytime, anywhere in the world. Your world.

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Smart Home Security


Easy-to-use touchscreen panel with a fast wireless connection to connect all your devices. Manage on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Check your account online, see your event history, and receive automatic email alerts.

Smart Home Energy


Sleek, bright touchscreen thermostat, wirelessly accessible via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Easily set up schedules and settings to stay comfortable and save money whenever you like. Save money on your electricity bill; it pays for itself!

Smart Home Plus


Discrete fixed and remote control HD (720p) cameras with push-button wireless setup. View recorded video on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Receive email, text or push notifications of recordings or status changes.


We are often asked that question. "Why should I go with your company?" "What makes the difference with your company?" Some of us think it has to do with our service. We always go the extra mile for our customers wherever they may be located, because we make our business personal.

Some of us think the difference is made by our sales process: no high-pressure tactics or slimy salespeople. If you're interested, call us and a friendly representative will get you started within 5 minutes! So, why Forward? Call us today and find out!

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Pearland Alarm Company

Whether you’re living south of Houston in Pearland or North in Conroe, people everywhere can agree that having an alarm monitoring system is essential. FORWARD HOME SECURITY® is an “A” rated business by the Better Business Bureau that now has technicians located in Pearland, and other areas of Houston, TX. Our Pearland home security professionals not only offer highly-advanced home security, but we also provide quality customer service.

FORWARD professionals know that our products give us a name, but our service gives us your trust. Our courteous and knowledgeable agents and technicians will patiently answer any questions or concerns you might have over your home alarm system. We take the time to understand each individual’s needs and will help you create your own customized system with features you can personally pick and choose. We are experts on home security technology, but you are the expert of your own home. Our SMART+ HOME® package is further testament to FORWARD giving customers the control. Through wireless home automation, you can control and track whatever is going on in your home. Wireless video surveillance can be viewed in real time through your smartphone or computer. Appliances such as lighting, thermostat, HVAC, and even washing machine can be controlled through smartphone as well. However, these programs can function on their own as well. For instance, your video surveillance will automatically record when motion is detected. Your lighting can automatically turn on to give the appearance that someone is home. Your HVAC system will turn off as the thermostat adjusts when you are not home. Your security system will even send you email and text notifications so you will always be informed with anything happening in your home when you are away. Severe weather alerts will even be sent out through email or text in the event of dangerous weather. Features like these and more keep you safe and make your home smarter.

FORWARD HOME SECURITY® is the name you can trust, whether you’re protecting your pears or your loved ones. As experts in the home alarm system industry, we want you to feel safe with your home in our trusted hands. There’s a reason that our customers remain loyal to us for years. Find out why today, contact one of our Pearland home security agents directly and experience safer, smarter living.