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Alarm System Installations

Panic buttons that keep you safe with your alarm system installations

In an emergency situation, seconds matter. Within moments, you can be in grave danger. A criminal could break into your home. Grandma could be home alone and fall down the stairs. Intruders won’t wait for you to get to your home phone. Criminals won’t let you slip out the front door unnoticed. Elders can accidentally injure themsevles in an instant. If they are alone, they can’t get to the phone to call an ambulance. So how do you get help if you are in danger? A simple button that can taken with you anywhere should do the trick. That’s why Forward offers a panic button with your alarm system installations.

Don’t be stuck in a scary situation without a way out. With Forward alarm system installations, you can be sure you are always safe. A compact panic button is programmed to send out emergency signals at the touch of a button. Literally. Through your wireless alarm system installations, you panic button is always connected to your home. So when you press the button in a panic, you can rest assured that your alarm dispatch center is receiving the alert. The authorities will be on their way in a matter of moments. When moments are all that matter, you can count on Forward to keep you and your family safe.

The best part about a panic button is it can be used by anyone in your family. It’s a simple device that plays an important role in your security. If your kids are home alone, you can relax. If your spouse is out and you are by yourself, you know you are safe. If Grandpa falls and injures himself to the point where he can’t get to the phone, you can rest easy. This panic button has easy accessibility no matter what situation you are in. Forward keeps the whole family in mind with alarm system installations.

Don’t be stuck in your home without an exit strategy. Use Forward’s state of the art panic button to make sure you are safe. Your kids can press this button in an emergency. The elders in your household can push it for medical assistance. It’s easy to use and yields secure results. Be smart by living safe. Choose Forward Home Security for the best guard against all kinds of disasters that try to strike your home. Preventing emergencies at one low monthly price. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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