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Fire Alarm Installation

State of the art smoke detectors with Forward fire alarm installation

Fires can happen in an instant. You might have left the oven on too long. Your curling iron could ignite a spark if accidentally left plugged in all day. A candle could tip over if the kids are playing a little too rough inside the house. So many little things can happen that can start fires. You need proper fire alarm installation. Forward can give you just that. Rest assured that even in the event of natural disaster, like a fire, your home is safe.

When a fire occurs, you don’t have a lot of time to react. With fire alarm installation from Forward, you won’t have to do anything but get out of the house. As soon as your detector is triggered by smoke, your system immediately shuts down your HVAC systems to prevent the fire from spreading. Every light on your home is instantly turned on to make the journey outside easier for you and your family. Your vision won’t be clouded by smoke. Your eyes can adjust quickly with all the lights on. This way, you can find your kids, spouses, pets and any other family member and get them to safety quickly.

When moments are all you have to protect your family from a fire, Forward can provide fire alarm installation that only needs a few seconds to react. As soon as your alarm goes off, you have 20 seconds to deactivate it. After 20 seconds, your control keypad sends a wireless alert to your dispatch center to alert the local fire department. 20 seconds is just the right amount of time to fan your smoke detector down if you accidentally burned your pizza in the oven. It’s also the right amount of time for Forward to alert the fire department if necessary.

Forward can provide the best fire alarm installation for your home. You can’t bank on a fire never happening in your home. Fires are common and destroy more and more households. But with the latest technology, your alarm system will tell you the second smoke is detected. Even if it’s an accident, you have enough time to turn off the alarm. But if it is an emergency, Forward is there. You are wirelessly connected to Forward’s central dispatch center at all times. This in turn is always connected to the fire department. You don’t have to worry about dialing 911. Forward lights up your home, alerts you of smoke, and even contacts the fire department for you. It’s everything you could want in fire alarm installation, and more!

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