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Window Security Alarm

When you have a home, it’s important to decorate. You want your home to reflect your style and personality. You want it to look welcoming for guests that come over. Not to mention, the people you love live in your home. What you don’t want is for a criminal to come and take away all of your hard work or harm your loved ones. With Forward Home Security, you get quality security at an affordable price. Your installation and activation fees are both free with Forward. Tons of great features are included. Like a state of the arm window security alarm, and much more, for one low monthly fee. What could be better than that?

Installing a window security alarm means more than locking the windows at night. It means having an alarm on each window of your house. It means if one of these alarms are triggered, you are immediately alerted right on your smartphone. With a sign in your front yard and three Forward window decals, burglars will be sure to steer clear of your secure fortress.

Why a window security alarm is just another great feature Forward has to ensure your safety

Criminals break into homes all the time. They pick locks and open windows. They are more prone to target homes that aren’t secure. Having a window security alarm ensures your family’s protection. This means that even if a burglar tries to break into one of your home’s windows, you are still protected. Instantly, you and Forward’s dispatch center are alerted. Forward has a 13 second response time. A burglar barely has time to break a window in 13 seconds. But with decals on your windows and a sign in your front yard that says Forward Home Security, no criminal will dare to mess with your wireless system.

Criminals nowadays are figuring out the response time of certain alarm companies. Forward prides itself on having one of the quickest response times in the alarm industry. This means that when you have Forward guarding your home, criminals are less likely to target your home. They won’t mess with your doors. Forward offers hidden door alarms for your home so it’s virtually impossible for a burglar to get by without sounding off the alarm. Window decals come standard along with a state of the art window security alarm. Stay safe in your home. Live smart with Forward. Wireless security at affordable prices. Move Forward to a safer home.

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