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Home Automation System

Having control of the electrical appliances in the home may seem like a futuristic proposal but with SMART+ HOME® Energy, it is a current reality. SMART+ HOME® offers several plans to help homeowners reduce energy usage while protecting their dwelling. Start saving money on monthly electric bills by remotely controlling the temperature inside the house, controlling the lights, television, dishwasher and even the coffeemaker.

The SMART+ HOME® system monitors the home for potential criminal activity. With wireless entry contacts and a wireless motion detector, the SMART+ HOME® is a complete monitoring system that allows homeowners to see who is there, when they arrive and when they leave. SMART+ HOME® Energy does all this and gives remote access to key electrical appliances within the home.

Managing the home is simple with a SMART+ HOME® Energy plan. The wireless Go! Touchscreen allows homeowners to set appliances to work more efficiently within the owner’s busy schedule. For example, during the hours spent away from home program the thermostat to lower the temperature in the colder months. This will significantly reduce monthly electric bills. The SMART+ HOME® Energy system can even be programmed to return the home to a comfortable level before its inhabitants arrive each day.

Utilizing the programmable appliances feature through the energy plan is doing more than saving money. It is reducing the home’s carbon footprint, saving valuable energy resources and potentially extending the life of some expendable products such as light bulbs. Even setting the dishwasher to cycle during the night when water usage is down helps to reduce the amount of water necessary for clean dishes by potentially eliminating the need to prewash.

Using a smartphone, laptop or desktop PC or Mac, homeowners can set the thermostat at home to reduce energy usage or turn on lights to deter criminals. Forget to shut the garage door? With a wireless appliance module in place, a simple command from a smartphone or similar device can close it from anywhere.

For a complete home management system with many additional benefits, SMART+ HOME® Energy is an affordable choice for today’s homeowners.

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