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Home Automation System

Normally, when we hear the term “smart home”, our brain automatically goes to the latest sci-fi movie or television show we’ve watched where the house is sentient and eventually tries to kill or imprison everyone unfortunate enough to be inside it.

In truth, they’re are quite a bit simpler than that. They do share some of the same capabilities, but are actually designed to save you money, rather than declare you a threat.

What is a SMART+ HOME®?
Put simply, it is a house with systems of automation that help you to care for and protect your home whether you’re there, at work, or on vacation.

What Can It Do For Me?
Piece of Mind: Part of SMART+ HOME®’s job is to be a security system. It will arm itself when you leave, and disarm itself when you get home. It can include a variety of security measures such as audio and video feeds for the interior and exterior of your home, motion detectors, glass-break sensors, key cards and fingerprint readers in place of standard locks, and can even have a link to the police station should the anything happen.

Fire Protection: If the worst should happen and there is a fire, your system sounds an alarm, shuts down heat and cooling systems to keep smoke from traveling to other rooms, turns on your lights, and alerts the fire department so that all you have to do is get your family out.

Convenience: Have you ever left for work and wondered if you’ve left the stove or a light on? Turn off that light or stove remotely from your laptop or smartphone. You can program it to water your lawn, and even works with voice commands. Instruct your SMART+ HOME® to have your thermostat set optimal temperatures while you’re away from home.

Better Home Value:  Because they’re more secure, save money, and takes care of some of the more mundane tasks for you, your system will add value to your home and has many selling points for potential buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future.

Having a SMART+ HOME® is more than an investment. It’s a way to save money, it’s a way to protect your home and keep your family safe, and best of all, it will never take you hostage.

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