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Wired Home Security System

There are two options of home security systems.  One is a wired home security system.  Another is a wireless home security system.  The difference in these two systems are the way they are installed.  Overall, the ideal time to install a wired home security system is when you build a new home or completely gut and remodel an existing home.

There are many benefits to a hard wired home security system.  In a hard wired system, the wires are ran through the attic, between the walls, and possibly under the floor.  This is one reason it is best to install in a new or gutted home.  Also, the motherboard is installed in the attic or basement.

Wired Home Security System | When Is This The Best Option?

A hard wired home security system is an extremely reliable method to arm your home or business.  The motherboard is separate from the control panel.  This helps reduce the chance a burglar would be able to disarm the system.  Even if they remove the control panel, a wired home security system would continue to work.

Also, a hard wired home security system does not run on radio frequencies.  In less powerful wireless home security systems, radio frequencies can interfere with the alarm system.  With a wired home security system you will not have radio frequency interference.  This will help you have the most efficient system available.

Forward can help you with pre-existing wired home security systems.  One of our highly skilled technicians can come evaluate your system to see if it is compatible.  If you are about to build a home Forward can help as well.  We can help you choose which equipment will best meet your needs.  Either way, your satisfaction as our customer is our number one priority, and we will do our very best to make your decision as easy as possible.

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